TDM Server Suicide 10 Point Deduction Penalty

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Original poster
Local time
12:01 AM
Feb 18, 2007
When I or a teammate accidently suicides in game, I am left with a sour taste in my mouth when I see that my team has suffered a 10 point deduction because of the mistake.

The punishement in my opinion seems excessive, because in a tight game 10 points can easily mean the difference between winning and losing. So the team can potentially suffer a loss because of one person's mistake.

That's just my thought on it. I would really like to see what everyone else thinks :D

Is it fair for a team of players to lose ten points when one member suicides?

Enquiring minds want to know!

8765((( :help: sn))((
:director: :salute:

[NMC] rolo

Local time
11:01 PM
Feb 7, 2006
uk coventry
I say yes, doing this will make people more carefull when they use that noob cannon launcher :lol:

I am really enjoying the server setttings atm, I think they are fair and enjoyable.

But i havnt tried out the ctf yet, that server always has bitching about somthing on it :lol:


Local time
5:01 PM
Feb 3, 2010
No! Should just be standard Cop a death score of 1.Like the other servers. We all F**k up once in a while LOL