Clan News Code of Conduct for GodFathers Servers 08/09/2019 Updated

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Nov 17, 2008
GodFatherZ Code of Conduct

The purpose of this document is to provide a general guideline of acceptable behaviour for all GodfatherZ and affiliated clan members.

Section I Public Communication

1.No member shall, at any time, publicly demean, degrade, insult, or abuse another member. Publicly is defined as any section of the website or forum that has unlimited access to non-member visitors, an away message on an instant messaging service, or the general chat area of any Noble Computing sponsored public server.

2.No member shall publicly accuse another member of cheating. If a fellow member is suspected of cheating, the following procedure must be followed:

a.The accuser must record a demo of the alleged action or actions, with the demo being at least one map length in duration, and in first person view.
b.The demo must then be submitted to the SYSOP of the server in which the alleged cheating occurred.
c.Any communication about the incident must be limited to the accuser and server SYSOP only until a ruling is made. No exceptions.

Once the demo is reviewed by the clan SYSOP(S), a ruling will be made. This ruling will be final and binding on the accused member only. The severity of the punishment will be directly proportional to the severity of the offence.

If the incident is ruled to be a minor offence, the accused will have a chance to petition the server SYSOPs for leniency. In this case, a survey of the membership will be taken to determine whether the accused member should be given a second chance.

Section II Non-Member Communication

1.No member shall, at any time, conduct themselves in a manor that could be considered racist, sexist, vulgar, or pornographic in any public area of the website or game servers. This includes game binds as well. The server SYSOPs will be instructed to act immediately if this type of behaviour is witnessed. Also, the game logs will be reviewed periodically and randomly to insure that clan members comply.

If at any point in time, a member is guilty of racist or extremely vulgar behaviour, their status will be removed, and they will be banned from every server. There will not be a second chance to rejoin.

Section III Conclusion

As you probably can tell, the majority of this document is what many would consider to be common sense. Much can be said for the phrase "Treat other as you would want to be treated."

If we could all learn to step back and think about the consequences of our words, we will be one step closer to establishing a community that people will enjoy visiting. In the long run, this will benefit us all.

With that said, please be aware that from this day forward, there will be no room in the community for members that cannot show basic respect for others.

If you have an issue with another clan member, avoid solving it publicly. Utilise private methods to resolve conflicts. (Instant messenger services, e-mail, website PM, etc.)

If you have any questions pertaining to these guidelines, please feel free to contact GodFather, or any other server SYSOP for clarification.

Thank you.
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