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Original poster
Local time
6:55 PM
Oct 4, 2008
canada, quebec
admintest 	admintest 						shows the admin group you belong to
avote 		vote [VOTE] [ARG] 					force a vote
ban 		ban PID|PART_OF_THE_NICK [REASON] 			ban a player
cancel 		cancel 							cancel vote
checkadmin 	checkadmin PID|PART_OF_NICK 				show admin group of player
cmdlist 	cmdlist 						show available commands of your admin group
cointoss 	cointoss 						toss a coin
devmap 		devmap MAPNAME 						for map developers
exec 		exec NAMEOFCONFIG 					exec server config
ff 		ff 							show friendly fire status
forgive 	forgive 						forgive last teamkill
fun 		fun [msg] 						show funmessage
gametype 	gametype koth|war|dm|dom|sd|sab 			change gametype and restart map
gravity 	gravity [VALUE] 					set gravity (default 800)
hardcore 	hardcore 1|0 						toggle Hardcore 
help 		help COMMANDNAME 					show help for command
info 		info 							show admin mod version
kick 		kick PID|PART_OF_NICK [REASON] 				kick a player
kickall 	kickall 						kick all playersr
killcam 	killcam 1|0 						toggle killcam
killserver 	killserver 						shut down server
knockback 	knockback [VALUE] 					change knockback (default 1000)
map 		map MAPNAME [koth|war|dm|dom|sd|sab] 			change map and gametype
maprotate 	maprotate 						change to next map in cycle
maps 		maps 							show all installed maps (from maps.cfg)
me 		me 							shows your PID & GUID
nextmap 	nextmap 						show next map
no 		no 							vote no
oldschool 	oldschool 1|0 						toggle oldschool
online 		online 							show admins currently on server
pass 		pass 							pass vote
pbbanguid 	pbbunguid GUID [NAME] [IP] [REASON] 			ban using pb
pbbanlist 	pbbanlist [SUCHE] 					show banlist
pbclearbans 	pbclearbans 						delete all bans from banlist
pbgetss 	pbgetss PID|PART_OF_NICK 				request pb screenshot for a player
pbload 		pbload [FILE] 						load punkbuster cfg
pbrestart 	pbrestart 						restart punkbuster
pbunban 	pbunban BANID 						delete a ban from banlist
pbupdate 	pbupdate 						force PunkBuster-Update
pbver 		pbver 							show current PunkBuster-Verion 
pl 		pl 							show all player PID's
protect 	protect PID|PART_OF_NICK 				set or remove admin protection
quitmod 	quitmod 						close Manu-Admin-Mod
rcon 		rcon COMMAND 						exec RCON commmand
readconfig 	readconfig 						read cfg files
removepw 	removepw 						remove server password
restart 	restart [1|0] 						restart map [1=complete restart]
say 		say MESSAGE						message thru console
session 	session 						show your stats
setff 		setff 0-3 						change friendly fire: 0=deaktiviert, 1=aktiviert, 2=reflektiert, 3=geteilt
setgroup 	setgroup GRUPPE PID|PART_OF_NICK			set admingroup for a player
setnextmap 	setnextmap MAPNAME [koth|war|dm|dom|sd|sab|ctf|htf] 	sets next map and gametype
setpw 		setpw PASSWORD						Set server password
speed 		speed [VALUE] 						sets g_speed value (default 200)
stats 		stats 							shows your stats
tempban 	tempban PID|PART_OF_NICK [DURATION] [REASON] 		temproally ban a player
time 		time 							show time
tki 		tki 							show teamkill index
uptime 		uptime 							show sewrver uptime
vote 		vote [VOTE] [ARG] 					Start vote
warn 		warn PID|PART_OF_NICK [REASON] 				Warn a player
yes 		yes 							vote yes