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You Can Now Buy The Official Wireless SNES Controller For Switch

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Hot on the heels of the release of Super Nintendo games on Nintendo Switch Online, subscribers looking for a more authentic experience can now purchase wireless Super NES controllers for use with Nintendo's current hybrid system.

To order, you must login with your Nintendo Switch Online account, then enter your information. Each Nintendo Switch Online account can order up to four SNES controllers. The controller comes with USB cable, but can also be charged using the Switch's AC adapter.

If you're interested in purchasing a controller (or four), head to the official Nintendo site. Each controller costs $30 plus shipping and tax.

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Gaming News Button-mashing classic Track & Field returns on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

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The Summer season may be coming to an end, but retro game enthusiasts Hamster are keeping the sports-day spirit riding high, having released Konami classic Track & Field on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, as part of the publisher's ongoing Arcade Archive range.

A game that needs little introduction, Track & Field hit the arcades in 1983 and was a smash hit thanks to its simple, skill-based gameplay and six fun events. 100-meter dash, hurdles, hammer throw, javelin, long jump and high jump are all mastered via a simple three-button control scheme and a good eye for angles and timing.

Button-mashing classic Track & Field returns on PS4 and Nintendo Switch screenshot


Gaming News GreedFall Review – Empowering Choice

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Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Developer: Spiders Studios
Release: September 10, 2019
Rating: Rating Pending
Reviewed on: PlayStation 4
Also on: Xbox One, PC

The enemy troops outnumber mine three to one. Defeat is inevitable, and we have our backs to the wall with no escape in sight. In a last-ditch plea, I convince their leader to at least have the honor of felling me with a sword, and we exchange metal. He’s no match for me and I gain the upper hand after a few well-placed strikes. My knife is now pressed firmly against his throat. I can set him free and try more diplomacy, but my best play may be spilling his blood to scare his troops into retreat.

This is a huge decision you are forced to make in GreedFall, a sprawling role-playing adventure that is grand in ambition, yet struggles to deliver it in polished ways...

Gaming News Days Gone Gets New Game Plus Today

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Remember Days Gone? Sony Bend's open-world zombie game released this April, and is pretty darn good, but hasn't been talked about much in the months that followed, especially for a Sony exclusive. From the lack of chatter, I'm guessing most of you haven't finished it yet, but if you have, and you enjoyed it, Sony Bend today added New Game Plus, giving you good reason to jump back in.

Days Gone's version of New Game Plus allows the player to begin the adventure again with almost everything they unlocked in the first playthrough, including bike upgrades, collectibles, encampment trust, and more. This update also brings two new difficulty modes: Hard II and Survival II. Even if you haven't finished the game yet, you can select these difficulties from the outset of play.


Gaming News Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Shows Off The Turks

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Click to watch embedded media

Today at Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix released a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake highlighting Avalanche's struggle against Shinra, as well as glimpses of the much-anticipated title's gameplay.

The trailer introduces Shinra operatives The Turks, as well as minigames, darts, playable Tifa, and the Shiva and Ifrit summons.

Square Enix also release new artwork for the game featuring a familiar pose...

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Gaming News Review in Progress: Greedfall

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You know, I've never played a Spiders game. I've been interested in a couple, like Technomancer, but never got around to actually buying or playing them. They've mostly received lukewarm reviews with plenty of uses of the word "jank."

Greedfall seemed particularly interesting to me, though it's hard to pinpoint why. I guess I've just been hankering for a solid RPG to come by and satisfy a hole left by Divinity Original Sin 2.

While perhaps not up to that same level, Greedfall has made a pretty great impression on me so far.

Review in Progress: Greedfall screenshot


Gaming News NBA 2K20 boomshakalakas its way to the top of the UK Charts

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Well, I certainly didn't see this coming. After last week's big shakeup in the UK Charts - which saw impressive debuts from numerous new releases - already big changes have shaken up the scoreboard.

2K Games' NBA 2K20 has slam dunked straight into the number one spot, pushing the excellent Astral Chain off of its perch and out of the Top Ten entirely, with the PlatinumGames release now resting at number 11. Also on fire is PlayStation hero Spyro the Dragon, whose Reignited Trilogy has made a huge re-entry at number two, following on from its recent release on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Bandai Namco's creepy adventure...

Gaming News Patch incoming for Deadly Premonition Origins sound woes

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It was definitely one of the weirder reveals during last week's Direct when Nintendo announced that the delightfully wonky mystery game Deadly Premonition was not only getting a sequel, but that the original 2010 release was launching on Nintendo Switch.

But unfortunately, it seems that the Switch port of the re-titled Deadly Premonition Origins has some issues, and not just the ones naturally inherent in Swery's survival horror adventure. There are a myriad of sporadic sound problems, ranging from missing effects, to dialogue dropping out at random. There are other reports suggesting all audio occasionally cuts out entirely. While Deadly Premonition...

Gaming News Infinity Ward Was Divided Over Modern Warfare 2's Infamous 'No Russian' Mission

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 upped the ante in myriad ways, but the scene that stuck with many players (and certainly got its fair share of media coverage) was the controversial No Russian mission. In the stage, players control undercover CIA agent Joseph Allen on a mission to infiltrate a Russian terrorist cell. Unfortunately, part of that requires him to do the unthinkable: shoot up an airport full of innocent civilians. The scene is difficult to play through, and critics and fans alike have questioned whether the sequence is truly necessary to get the point across.

While speaking with Infinity Ward, the team let us know that the division over that scene was not limited to outsiders. “No Russian polarized this studio,” art lead Joel Emslie says. “There was a side of the studio that felt that it should be played from the perspective of a security guard that...

Gaming News 20 Super Nintendo Games Are Coming To Switch Tomorrow

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Starting tomorrow, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will be able to play 20 different Super Nintendo games. Some of these games will offer the ability to rewind gameplay to potentially undo a death, as well as cooperative play for both online and local. If you really get into these titles, you can purchase a Super Nintendo controller for Switch for $29.99. The games are:

Brawl Brothers
Breath of Fire
Demon's Crest
Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics
Kirby's Dream Course
Kirby's Dream Land 3
Star Fox
Stunt Race FX
Super E.D.F. Earth Defense Force
Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts
Super Mario Kart
Super Mario World
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Super Metroid
Super Puyo Puyo 2
Super Soccer
Super Tennis
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past...

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